Amnesty for families helps refugees and families of warn torn nations

There are different reasons why people have to leave their homes in search of proper job or good lifestyle. It is unfortunate that they have to leave the place where they have grown up. Sometimes people have to entirely leave their country in order to save their families. People from warn torn nations have to live as refugees in developed countries in order to have a better lifestyle. Sometimes they have to flee their country for a short time, while there have been certain circumstances where they have had to leave their country forever.

The decision to flee a country and find livelihood in a new country can be a dangerous decision. Most of the warn torn nations have witnessed dangerous circumstances where people have fled their country to save their families. People leave their country in search of a roof for their family. Most of the refugees move to a new country in search of a new place where they can earn well and look after their family. Three main reasons why people leave their country entirely are war, hunger and poverty. It is important that a government stays proactive that its decisions can have a negative impact on its people.

A refugee is a person who flees his or her country in order to save himself from human rights violations or after effects of a war. They seek protection from the government of some other country because they don’t feel safe in their own country. A migrant is not only a refugee but he or she can also be a worker. People who leave their country in order to search for better employment or work opportunities are known as migrants too. There is a difference between a migrant worker and a refugee. Amnesty helps everyone around the world to achieve a better lifestyle.


November 18, 2021

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