Using scientific tools to preserve humanity


3. amnesty

The advancement in technology has helped in different spheres of life. Human rights is no different when it comes to protection of humanity. With the modern tools available to map data of different regions and come with powerful solutions. One of the projects that have been developed in the recent years was known as science for human rights. It leverages technological change and helps you to move towards human rights advocacy.

There has been use of geospatial technologies for creating satellite imagery map human rights issues. This is an effective tool for preventing any kind of conflict and even reaches the inaccessible areas. It is important to have visual evidence of the areas affected by conflicts as there are various jurisdictional matters associated with it. It has been a complicated matter and only proper evidence can help in taking effective step toward any issue. The remote sensing technology maps the area and collects all the possible visual evidence and helps in deciding the way forward. Some of the regions affected by increasing tensions include the regions in the Middle East. Developed nations can come together and use this technology to map the repression in these areas.

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December 2, 2015

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