Issues of amnesty and the criticism behind it


4. amnesty

Criticism of amnesty consists of various issues that include ideological difference and bias towards a particular society. It is an international subject matter and some of the developed nations like United States, Russia and China have been involved in discussing it. Amnesty for families of various war torn regions and areas affected by terrorism is very important. Developed economies as well as United Nations should take effective steps to move ahead with peace keeping efforts. Human rights councils around the world have contributed towards areas affected by negative acts like terrorism.

Even media needs to take active part in this matter and prevent fabricating news. There have been instances where media publication have not acted wisely and fabricated various stories. To have a proper solution towards the issues of human rights it is important to act wisely and get into positive discussions. Instead of blaming each other we must get into possible dialogues and stop the cases of human rights cases around the world. Every individual from different regions around the world can take part in this step towards humanity and create a wonderful environment of peace.

Some of the donations that we make and participating in efforts started by NGO organizations have been very effective in protecting needy families. At the same time the NGO organizations should be responsible enough and make proper use of donation funds. Some of the biggest firms around the world have been involved in various charitable activities and they have been contributing hugely to protect the poor and the needy. There are huge amount of children around the world that have been affected by child abuse and these charitable activities can help save their life.

Along with child abuse another matter that has been involved in the cases of international amnesty is offences against prisoners. Drinking has been one of the major causes behind these as per reports. NGOs reach out to the governments to get pardons for various criminals that have been there in prisons for huge amount of years. While asking for pardons and talking on behalf of these convicted people the NGOs must be aware of their responsibilities and take proper steps. Many times the survival of the organization comes ahead of the main goals of human rights and this can be a real problem. Organizations should not just take steps for the sake of showing their existence, it is important that they act wisely and take up appropriate issues.

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December 2, 2015

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