Become an agent of change and support human rights

2. amnesty

In the past few years there have been huge amount of restrictions placed on the freedom of expression. Human rights defenders have faced immense risks and the powerful economies have taken negative benefits out of it. You can only claim your rights when you are fully aware of it. Instead of waiting for the change to happen you need to take steps to bring the change.

If you transform yourself and become an agent of change then you can motivate thousands of people to follow you and bring harmony in the society. Debating with intellectuals helps to come up with a positive solution and fight negative powers. Facilitators around the world would interact with you and give you key inputs that help you in your movement. Even you can share experience and ask others to share their experience to help the affected families. Human rights is an issue that is relevant to all the spheres of any individual’s life. It’s all about understanding an individual and trying to make a contribution in their life. Even the smallest contribution can mean a lot to them and keep them motivated.

Research suggests that children are hugely affected by various issues of violation and don’t get enough support. Even a smallest support by each one of us can bring a positive change in their life. Helping them with proper education and food would help their growth and make them a stronger human being. The rising tension around the world also relates to intolerance and curbing freedom of expression. You need to speak your mind and express your views in the society. Different charitable organizations around the world have been taking effective steps to help the poor families affected by natural as well as manmade disasters.

Even the smallest step towards preserving humanity can provide a lot of support to the needy. It gives voice to your opinion and gives you the confidence to speak your mind. Providing support to the needy improves the environment around the world and helps in reducing any kind of criminal act. Generally children tend to stray towards wrong doings when they don’t receive proper education and come in contact with negative groups. Our voice and the step towards a harmonious society can protect them by educating them. This is important in all the countries around the world and it is not limited to a specific region. So put your best foot forward and do whatever is possible for you.

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December 2, 2015

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